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H Foster is supplying a wide range of high quality waxes from the reputable German manufacturer Kahl & Co. The waxes are natural and have found their place in a multitude of applications. All information on the different grades is available upon request.


The guaranteed pure Kahl beeswax is obtained from the honey combs of Apis mellifera. This wax is cleaned by using physical methods. The white beeswax is carefully bleached by using a special absorption method. The wax is free of peroxide and impurities.

Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached

This product is naturally bleached by the sun in accordance with ECOCERT and provides the ability to achieve pure white creams, organically. The white beeswax is available as cosmetic grade beeswax and also as a BP grade beeswax.

Read more about our Organic KahlWax 8138 bleached here.

KahlWax 6279L

The Myrica Cerifera Fruit Wax used in KahlWax 6279L is sourced from Andean farmers, who use sustainable harvesting methods. The wax is obtained by initially washing the waxy Myrica fruit in water; the fruit wax is then extracted by boiling and skimming the wax off the surface; the crude wax is then finally processed by Kahl in Germany – without any use of chemicals.

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organic jellyKahl OrganicJelly 7236

Kahl OrganicJelly 7236 is an organic plant based petroleum-free jelly favoured by formulators who welcome an alternative to the more controversial petroleum jelly and to meet the growing demand for organic raw materials.

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Carnauba Wax

Carnauba Wax is an exudate of the leaf of the Brazilian Carnauba palm tree (Copernicia Cerifera). The crude product has different colours and slightly varying technical data. By filtering and bleaching crude Carnauba Wax a number of product variations are available.


Microcrystalline waxes are a petroleum hydrocarbon but have an amorphous crystalline structure, unlike paraffin wax which has a pure crystalline structure. Microwax differs from paraffin wax as it has approximately ten times the oil absorption capacity of paraffin wax.

Ozokerite Wax

Originally Ozokerite wax was known as Shale wax, which was mined in North America. In more recent times it is a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbon waxes which produce waxes with a number of distinctive characteristics.

Berry Wax

Berry Wax is harvested from the fruits of “Rhus Verniciflua” trees, well known as Lacquer Tree in China and Japan. The wax is extracted by hot water from the skin of the fruits and further refined by filtration and absorption method. The fruit wax is non-toxic. One important component is a content of about 3 % bonded C20/22 dicarboxylic acid, so called Japan Acid.

Rice Bran Wax

Softer oil gels than candelilla or carnauba, very crystalline and serves less gloss in applications.

Sunflower Wax

Helianthus Annuus is the Greek word for “Sunflower”. The plant is native to the Americas and was domesticated around 1000 BC. Francisco Pizarro found the Inca subjects venerating the sunflowers as an image to their Sun God.

Finely granulated Nature Soft Peeling Beads complete Kahl’s extensive portfolio.

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Canadian Glacial Oceanic Clay


Glacial Oceanic Clay is a mineral rich clay found uniquely in the province of British Columbia. The clay, deposited as sediment in the ocean, is enriched with beneficial phytoplankton. It is a totally naturally sourced product which is scooped then dried naturally by Ironwood Clay Company in Canada. Glacial Oceanic clay rests beneath a blanket of humus and is constantly refreshed by the ocean. This precious material is collected with every precaution taken to ensure that the pristine site is preserved forever. The Clay is harvested with zero ecological footprint.

A superior product with impressive results - hydration up, sebum and oil down with significant average of 95% in skin surface sebum after application of Glacial Oceanic Clay on face. The skin feels comfortable and moist. The osmotic power of the clay pulls moisture up from deep inner tissues to hydrate the surface of the skin and also cleans the skin without dehydrating it. Glacier Oceanic Clay is a must for open-pored, acne-prone skin types. It also has a therapeutic effect on eczema prone skin and calm down sensitive skin.

Packing: Glacial Oceanic Clay Powder 10kg bag in a box.
Glacial Oceanic Wet Clay (Sea Silt) 25kg bag in a bucket.
You can download product summary information here.

 Please contact us for more information on this truly fantastic product. We have a limited number of samples to give away.

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